Ooooh my gosh it’s book week!

This past week was a good one. A regular old good one which is basically the best kind.

Ice cream cones for dessert one night!

I reeeeeallly want to go crazy and buy my plants but we still have a few cold nights ahead.

Max picked me these little flowers though from the year. Haha.

The glamorous laundry life. We’ve had two of those weeks where the kids have more clean clothes in laundry baskets than in their rooms. Ooops.


His hair curl! I can’t.

My chives are out of the control – the blossoms in the spring are my favorite part.

Baseball boy!

I signed a ton of your preorders this week!! It was amazing and wonderful and THANK YOU.

Took some lunch to go from Mediterra again.

This is my idea of heaven.

I would like her entire outfit.

Max in goal!

Her little bun hugging the bump. I love.

Then we got lunch and ice cream after! It was a two ice cream week.

This is making me hungry.

Threw together some egg salad for the week!

And the kids’ favorite banana muffins.

This picture of my books made me so weirdly emotional! I can’t believe there are three and that you can get the new one this weeke.

Finished off the week with some chalk art by Eddie.

Max requested luigi and yoshi, so here we are! xo