We had another wonderful full week.

I am so weirdly emotional going through these photos and uploading them here! We had such a great week and we are coming down to our last few weeks of a family of four.

This girl is the best.

Made Eddie’s dream meal one night.

Then I tried to make sourdough pizza dough again.

Eh, it was okay. Not the best.


We had to run to the mall on Thursday and you would have thought the kids were in disney world. They were so excited to walk around! And then Max found this shirt in Old Navy and was thrilled. Both kids love Jurassic Park (and dinos in general) so we had to get matching.

He wore it to school the next day… Eddie said he looked like Miami Vice. Ha. I love that he picked out those shorts to match!

One of my friends came over for lunch and brought this salad. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I cannot stop thinking about it. Made it for lunch again today. I am going to make it here for you because you need it in your life.

My chives are OUT OF CONTROL!! I haven’t planted these in 3ish years or so. They just come back this strong every year!

Dinner outside.

Jurassic park shirt #2!

I got most of my plants planted, as well as my herbs! On a roll here. Also hoping it doesn’t send me into labor!

He picks the best outfits!

Still loving makeup.

On Saturday, Lacy threw the most wonderful little sprinkle for the new babe and me! It was amazing.

This little bug loved her girls day.

She had so much incredible food. Some of our favorites from Morcilla (the gem salad, the manchego!) and smash burgers from Acorn with the best fries. She also made my caramelized onion dip and had incredible treats from 350 bakery. Their strawberry pop tarts are insane.

It was just so thoughtful and wonderful.

Today we had more baseball! She loves watching Max and also running the bases. She can’t play until she’s four, so maybe next spring!

It was just a leeeeettle hot. Like 88 degrees!

This is how we felt about that. I need to bring a spray bottle of water for us, haha.

Then we took some of my chives and did the Ina Garten chive bouquet! Brilliance.

My blossoms are at end of their life but this still brought so much joy!

Lacy gave me the rest of the marcona almonds to take home from the party yesterday. These are from morcilla and I have made them many times but am never happy with the photos! They are SO fantastic though.

The kids dug some dino eggs. These are the ones I talked about in my may favorites.

Annnnnd we finished off the night with tacos. How was your weekend?!