It’s the unofficial start of summer!

what to eat this week

Lots of fresh, easy and delicious summer eats are coming up in this week’s menu…

what to eat this week

What To Eat This Week

Kick things off this week with the ultimate veggie burger! It is pretty high maintenance but totally worth it. You can prep them ahead of time and make a few and freeze. They are just SO good.

Next up, black bean taquitos! These are one of my faves because the beans are so saucy and wonderful.

Garlic butter scallops are up next! The watermelon salsa makes these extra summery and fresh. Love them with rice or even grilled veggies.

Try my grilled chicken caprese pasta salad for dinner! You can even throw some greens into the dish too – like baby arugula or spinach for an extra boost. We love this.

Strawberry crunch salad is perfect for the season. So lovely and crunchy and satisfying.

Finally, go for grilled buffalo chicken sandwiches. I can’t get enough of these – the slaw is fantastic.

For lunches, I’m making a batch of my marinated white beans! These are the best. And breakfast – baked peaches and cream oatmeal!

what to eat this week

What’s on your menu this week?!