summer fridays

I love everything about this summer friday!


All the things? There is no hunger like post-baby hunger! I’m really craving my summer tomato picnic toast and these mojito watermelon wedges. I also want to make my grilled filet and potato skewers with rosemary chimichurri.


My lactation cookies! I have to say these are the BEST EVER.  Nearly 2000 five star reviews. They are SO good and I find that they really work for me. They are great to make for a friend who is expecting or just had a baby.


My almond crumb cake for this weekend – inspired by almond wedding cake flavors!


I haven’t had a post baby drink yet, but since I’m getting one three weeks early, I think I’m going for a classic aperol spritz! I also really want some of my watermelon frosé.


Okay so last week while you guys were reading Summer Fridays, I was having a baby and listening to my baby playlist that I made a week prior on a whim. OMG. I can’t even tell you how much I love this playlist now. I didn’t make it as a playlist to be shared, but just for us in the delivery room. We listened to it all day, well into the night, until at least 3 or 4AM (Jordan was born at 12:07am) and so many of the nurses and midwives coming in throughout the day commented on it and loved it. It’s such a good one! So now I have to share it with you.


Next on my list is The Other Black Girl! I’m hoping to get it to early next week, because this week we are…


My brother’s wedding! Remember when it was supposed to happen last year and was cancelled? Really didn’t think I’d have a baby at this time but here we are! Their wedding is TODAY so we are doing all things wedding right now as you read.


I just have to say… the darn liquid IV is still saving me. It was a lifesaver during pregnancy, I drank it all during labor and delivery and now while breastfeeding it’s amazing. How did I go the other pregnancies without it?! P.S. I get mine at Costco and it’s on sale often.


In case you missed it, a few weeks ago I did an instagram live with Robin Kall Homonoff where we talked about all things Everyday Dinners. You can watch it here! I also was on the gush and grow podcast – you can listen to it here.


This week I finally bought a nap dress because it looks so light and airy for summer, along with being great for breastfeeding! I foresee myself LIVING in this all summer.


A baby? Oh yes. I will do a baby favorites post in a few weeks, but as for now I’m using the solly baby wrap (used it with Max and Emilia too) and the artipoppe carrier.


I can’t even handle how amazing all of the nurses and midwives were in the hospital. I seriously tear up when I think about them. This was my second birth when there was a midwife on call and it’s such a wonderful experience. I could never do that as a profession and am just in awe of them!

summer fridays