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What a whirlwind of a week!

Since last Saturday we welcomed out newest addition, I have a handful of posts that I didn’t share with you. In case you missed it, you can find these incredible grilled chicken caesar sandwiches right here. I also made delish no churn strawberry oreo ice cream, and shared my major house salad obsession. This week, I made this amazing summer weeknight burrata pasta and shared a bunch of recipes for father’s day weekend too!

You can find two new summer fridays posts too!

Annnnd I did share a week in the life diary, since it was a big one!

You can order your copy of Everyday Dinners now! Once you have your book, be sure to join the Everyday Dinners Cookbook Club too. It’s been going strong since The Pretty Dish came out in 2018 and it’s super fun! I am LOVING seeing all of your creations on instagram and in our cookbook club.

Have a wonderful weekend!


What I’m loving this week

Fresh herb spanish tortilla! How delicious.

This caramelized grilled pineapple looks incredible!

Gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce. omg YUM.

Absolutely dying over frozen pimm’s cups!

Vietnamese coffee always.

Love this mango panna cotta.

Southern baked mac and cheese. Deeeelish.

Need this atlantic beach pie. Wow!

Breakfast totchos skillet. Hello.

Want to try this baked eggplant parm.

Slow cooker BBQ chicken! Yes please.

The prettiest honey olive oil loaf cake.

Grilled romaine salad with corn. Sign me up!