tuesday things

1. You guys how is this year already HALF over! I mean, what is happening.

2. Strawberry pop tart shortbread. What! This is amazing.

3. So thankful we don’t have the cicadas right outside our house (yet?!). Please tell me you remember a few years ago when they bombarded us when Max was one year old and they landed all over us (and him) and I had about 40 heart attacks. They need to be gone soon!

4. How to combat that zero motivation feeling.

5. Can someone please tell me how to deal with laundry as a family of five? Pretty sure my mom just did it almost every single day, all day. I mean, this is probably what I fear most. And Eddie already does a lot of the laundry in our house. Ha!

6. TV things!! Okay I finally watched the Friends reunion and it did give me all the feels. Especially the Jennifer Aniston/David Schwimmer stuff! What did you think of the Grey’s finale? I liked that they finally did a time jump. 100% think Jo and another certain character will end up together…

7. With both of my last pregnancies I got super hungry towards the end and right now I am craving ice cream like whoa. I haven’t even had any good ice cream yet and it’s been, like, a week. Of course do I have the mini magnum ice cream bars in my target cart for delivery? Of course.

8. Also typical third child: 37 weeks and have no hospital bag packed. Eeeek!

9. This is SO good: what have I missed out on this year.

10. Everyday Dinners cookbook club is GOLD right now. Have you joined yet?!