Summer is rolling right along over here.

Tomorrow marks ONE MONTH with Jordan already. I mean, HOW?!

My favorite lunch combo is back. Toasted sourdough, a thin layer of mayo, sharp cheddar, tomatoes and flaky salt!

This, on repeat constantly.

This photo cracks me up. Emilia always wants the baby to lay in her bed before going to sleep. Hahaha.

Leftover pesto from the 4th! The kids love it.

When he sleeps with his hands in the air… LOL.

Still my fave smoothie… strawberry peach.

We do this a lot.

My parmesan roasted broccoli on repeat, always.

Perhaps my most favorite photo EVER!

Emilia’s palette post painting. It’s perfect.

When they fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon…

Prettiest sky at a friend’s wine tasting!


Baby’s first hockey game!

Love him.

Chocolate chip pancakes for Emilia.

Eddie and I had this asiago cheese dip. OMG.

Guac burgers at the pool.

Max just loves him so much!

We got our first really good local corn today!

Sat outside for a bit.

Made a delish dinner!

Including a grilled vegetable panzanella. I used this recipe and just added more veg.

And my grilled gorgonzola potatoes with some BBQ chicken too.

How fun is the shark outfit he threw together?

Annnnnd that’s a wrap on this week!