Another week!

While we’re back home now, we started out the week in our favorite place!

How cute!

All about fishing this last week.

Love love love.

Vacation mornings are the best.

Sporty spice.

We played mini golf on the fly. Was kind of tricky lifting the stroller up all the steps!

This smoked potato taco on the bottom was to die for.

Had to make a pit stop for cookies!

This was the last day it was this clear. Come mid-week, there was a smoke haze over the lake from the wild fires.

Emilia requested my dad’s blueberry pancakes with “shaving cream” every day.

They had so much fun on the beach!

Emilia asked every single day to go down to the beach and work on her “bakery.” See above. Her bakery.

This bakery was very serious business and also served ice cream.

My favorite view ever!

Aside from this one.

Jordan’s like why am I always being fed in the front seat of the car?

I’m thinking his hair may have a little curl to it!

Muffins in the morning.

Can you tell Max wants to wear Nike 24/7? It’s a constantly laundry cycle in this house trying to wash the three outfits he has so they are ready to go.

Another favorite spot! Came home with all the things.

Jordan seemed to wake up SO much this week!

This crepe was everything.

So was this beach sandwich! Grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, red onion, ciabatta.

Snuggles on the beach.

Emilia’s first maxi dress!

Kilwin’s chocolate peanut butter is the best ice cream ever.

A view from bay harbor golf course.

Sweet smiles once we got home!

We continued out carbcation this weekend too.

He’s so smiley now!

Glad to be home but missing this place!