This grilled steak salad is drizzled with blue cheese vinaigrette and loaded with tons of satisfying ingredients. Avocado! Pickled red onion! Pepitas! It’s a weeknight go-to that we love so much.

Dinner tonight is going to be gooooood. 

everyday steak salad with blue cheese vinaigrette

This salad is one of our go-do weeknight recipes. I make it when I have all the ingredients. I make it when I have leftover steak from another recipe or an abundance of blue cheese or  pickled onions. Basically, it’s the recipe I make when we want steak salads!

Sometimes I might make fries on the side too. That’s neither here nor there.


grilled filet

When we make salads for dinner, it’s always my goal to make sure they taste restaurant-worthy. You know? Like how salads taste so amazing in restaurants but then you try to make them at home and you’re just… disappointed? 

I usually start with a base like my house salad and go from there. I may take bits and pieces of what I love from my house salads, ultimately ending up with a base that suits the protein that I’m going to put on top. 

blue cheese vinaigrette

There are also must haves for me: lots of seasoning, tons of texture and crunch. Those are non-negotiables in my salads! 

We probably do chicken salads the most often. Or even leftover burger salads. But when we want a good steak-salad, this is how I do it. 

salad with avocado

First, the most important part.

The vinaigrette!

This blue cheese vinaigrette is a sneak peek of one of the recipes in Everyday Dinners and it is a DREAM. If you love blue cheese AND love briney, tangy vinaigrettes, you will love it.

Our local grocery store used to have a blue cheese vinaigrette that I loved. When I was no longer able to find it, I decided to create my own and then throw the recipe in Everyday Dinners. I make it ALL the time. The recipe is part of the sauces and dressings chapter (which is pure GOLD!) but it goes on the grilled steakhouse salad in the book. The flavor combo is just out of this world. 

everyday steak salad with blue cheese vinaigrette

The vinaigrette is a way to bring the blue cheese flavor to the steak without coating it in it. The blue cheese also “marinates” as it sits in the dressing, which is pretty fantastic too.

For the steaks, our favorite are filets (of course!) but occasionally I’ll do strip steaks too. Just lots of salt and pepper, high heat on the grill and a good rest before slicing. They are perfect that way. 

The rest of the salad is fairly basic.

We have spring greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion (I always choose pickled red onion!) and avocado. Finish things off with pepitas for crunch and you’re good to go! 

everyday steak salad with blue cheese vinaigrette

Seriously, this salad has everything you want. So much flavor and texture, plus it’s super satisfying too. It definitely tastes like a salad you would order out and that’s all that matters to me! It is GOOD.

everyday steak salad with blue cheese vinaigrette

Our Favorite Grilled Steak Salad

Everyday Steak Salad

This grilled steak salad is drizzled with blue cheese vinaigrette and loaded with tons of satisfying ingredients. It's a weeknight go-to!
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  • 2 filets or strip steaks
  • kosher salt and pepper
  • 12 ounces spring greens
  • 2 baby cucumbers, chopped
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes, quartered
  • 1 avocado, thinly sliced
  • 3 tablespoons roasted pepitas
  • pickled red onions, for topping

blue cheese vinaigrette


  • Preheat your grill to the highest setting. Take the steak out of the fridge for at least 30 minutes to take the chill off. While the steak comes to room temperature, I make the dressing and the salad.
  • Assemble the salad by tossing the greens with a big pinch of salt and pepper in a large bowl. Add in the tomatoes, cucumbers and red (pickled) onions.
  • Place the steak on the grill grates and cook for 5 minutes, then flip and cook for 3 to 5 minutes more. I like to cook mine until they reach an internal temperature of 140 degrees F. Remove the steaks and let them rest for 10 to 15 minutes before slicing.
  • Add the avocado and the sliced steak to the salad. Sprinkle with the pepitas. Drizzle with the blue cheese vinaigrette and serve immediately!

blue cheese vinaigrette

  • Whisk together the vinegar, garlic, chives, honey and dijon. Stream in the olive oil while whisking until emulsified. Stir in the blue cheese. This stays great in the fridge for 2 to 3 days.

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everyday steak salad with blue cheese vinaigrette

Who can resist?!