This grilled zucchini is marinated in a tangy vinaigrette, covered in creamy burrata cheese and sprinkled with toasted pine nuts for crunch. Perfect side dish for summer with lots of flavor and crunch.

I’ve got a new favorite way to eat something green!

grilled zucchini with burrata and pine nuts

If you adore briney flavors like I do, along with all the grilled vegetables and burrata cheese, you’re going to LOVE this recipe. Promise.

zucchini slices

I’ve been craving a dish like this ever since making my grilled peppers with burrata a few months ago. That recipe is out of this world. The peppers are charred and sweet and drizzled with a tangy vinaigrette. Then topped with burrata and crunchy breadcrumbs!

Given my obsession with zucchini, I knew it had to be amazing!

So glad I was right.

grilled zucchini strips

It’s easy too!

I slice the zucchini and then draw some of the liquid out with some salt. Toss it on the grill, then marinate for a few minutes in a delicious red wine vinaigrette! Top it off with creamy burrata, crunchy and buttery toasted pine nuts and a pinch of red pepper flakes.


grilled zucchini with burrata

This is so unbelievably delicious. The zucchini is smoky but also has that briney flavor from the dressing. It softens perfectly while marinating for just a few minutes – I actually crave this flavor.

The burrata on top is so soft and melty and creamy. The pine nuts add the crunch that we all love so much. It’s just the perfect combination.

Right now it’s my ideal summer side dish! Well, to be honest, I could eat this as a main dish. Eddie would think I’m certifiable though. So, a side dish in our house it is!

grilled zucchini with burrata and pine nuts

You can serve it with my BBQ grilled spatchcock chicken or even this coffee crusted steak.

Or! If you’re like me and the idea of a plate like this alone sounds like heaven, toast some sourdough bread. Use it to scoop up the vinaigrette or even throw the zucchini and burrata on top. I’ve done it and it’s fantastic.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with these flavors!

grilled zucchini with burrata and pine nuts

Grilled Zucchini with Burrata and Pine Nuts

Grilled Marinated Zucchini with Burrata

This grilled zucchini is marinated in a tangy vinaigrette, covered in creamy burrata cheese and sprinkled with toasted pine nuts for crunch.
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  • Preheat the grill to high. Let it heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Line a baking sheet with a kitchen towel or paper towels.
  • Cut the zucchini into thin slices, about ¼ inch. I find this works best with a knife, as I actually like the slices about ¼ inch thick. If you’d like thinner slices, you can use a mandolin or vegetable peeler.
  • Place the zucchini strips on the towel lined sheet and sprinkle all over with salt. Let sit for 20 minutes.
  • Whisk together the red wine vinegar, garlic and olive oil with a big pinch of salt and pepper. Set it aside. I also toast the pine nuts at this time! I place them in a nonstick skillet over medium-low heat. Stir and shake the pan until golden and toasty - about 5 minutes. Do not walk away from the pan!
  • The zucchini will have released a lot of liquid by now, so pat it completely dry with a paper towel. Place the zucchini directly on the grill. Grill for 1 to 3 minutes per side, just until grill marks appear and it starts to soften. Remove the zucchini from the grill.
  • Place the zucchini in a baking dish or on a platter. Drizzle with the vinaigrette and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes to marinate in the dressing. I turn the pieces a few times so they are covered all over with the dressing. Top with the burrata cheese and pine nuts. Add a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes and serve!

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grilled zucchini with burrata and pine nuts

The best bite!