summer fridays

Happy summer friday! What’s up this weekend for you?


The marinated tomato BLTs on repeat. We just can’t stop! Also this incredible rotisserie chicken salad.


All the aperol spritzes! I just cannot get enough.


My no churn salted chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I mean… OMG.


My chocolate chip banana oatmeal muffins! Max has been asking for them since we got back from vacation.


My absolute favorite recipe on the grill – this grilled vegetable orzo! Also thinking about making my summer garden quinoa + flank steak.


I’ve been craving my garlic butter naan like crazy! Definitely have to make it this week.


Think I’m going to start The Newcomer! I love MKA books. Here’s my summer reading list if you need an idea!


To our golden hour podcast. Soaking up these summer days as much as we can!


Um I may have bought a pumpkin candle. For the record, this is my favorite pumpkin candle of all time. Still very much summer, but last year I found out I was pregnant in early October and couldn’t handle the scent of my favorite candles. I also bought this fig tree one which I’m super excited about. And I love these molded candles so much. So pretty! As soon as September rolls around, I’m a crazy candle lady. Like a cat lady, but… candles.


I’ve listened to a bunch of The Lazy Genius podcasts this week and I really like them! I think some apply more if you have older kids, but there are many that I enjoyed and got some great tips from!


Love the color so much in Lala Anthony’s brownstone. WOW.


You know I love my passion planner but I’m also loving these ink and volt planning note pads! The meal planning one is so good and so is the dashboard.

summer fridays