tuesday things

1. OMG – homemade sourdough pasta! My starter is still going strong.

2. Last week on vacation I jumped in the shower (a small square stand up shower), washed my hair and when I opened my eyes, there was a HUGE spider right near my face on the wall. I mean HUGE. Talk about my worst nightmare. Jumped out screaming, covered in soap and made Eddie come kill it. Ooomph.

3. Summer pleasures. Except no to #20.

4. I finally got my act together and ordered from The Peach Truck! I was SO excited that they were in my area. Went to pick up, took the kids with me, figuring it would get us out of the house. Um, the line for pickup was, like, hundreds of people long. It was INSANE! I had no idea it was like that. There was no way I could stay with all the kids in the 90 degree heat so we left. And I lost my peaches. Whomp whomp.

5. I love these 70 healthy snack ideas!

6. TV things! Should I watch Outer Banks?! I haven’t yet. I am all caught up on the White Lotus and while I like it… I feel like it’s just about… nothing? Haha.

7. How to stop a meltdown. Hmmm I could use this…

8. I’m taking Max school supply shopping for the first time and I can’t even handle the excitement. I feel ten years old again! Pretty sure he is going to love it. My inner Lisa Frank is flipping out.