what i read in july 2021

Ahhh better late than never!

It was a light reading month with only three books, but they were really good ones! Most of my reading this month was done on my kindle app – because baby! Right now I get most of my reading done while feeding the baby – especially at night and first thing in the morning. I fit it in during feedings throughout the day too, but it’s not as easy with the other kids around. And at night, I’m also so tired so sometimes I fall asleep reading, ha. But these books below are SO good. And remember, I have my huge summer reading list here, and usually talk about what I’m reading in summer fridays each week.

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One Last Stop

I loved this author’s previous book so I was pumped about this! It was our July book club read too. The story follows August who meets Jane on a train – Jane is super mysterious and can’t leave the train. I loved all of these characters so much! The roommates were so fun to follow. The mystery really hooked me in, even though I found just a few parts of it a little slow. But that didn’t keep me from adoring it. The story is magical, I loved the ending and and it is such a good book! I want to read it again already.

While We Were Dating

Gosh I just love Jasmine’s books. Every summer I wait for a new one! I love how the characters have their own world (sort of reminds me of Elin and Nantucket!) and they appear in her different books. While this is a series, you don’t have to read any of the previous books to follow along. This story follows Ben and Anna who are working on a project together. They are both super flirty and don’t intend on any sort of serious relationship, but they discover that there is more depth in each of them and discuss mental health quite a bit. As usual, this is super steamy and super cute!

Seven Days In June

I was SO excited about this one and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve been wanting to read this since I made my summer reading list. The story follows Shane and Eva who “meet” at an event, but the truth is they had met years ago and had a brief love affair! OMG. I cannot even handle how much I loved this story. It does jump back and forth in time. Absolutely love love loved this and the ending too!

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