tuesday things

1. These raspberry white chocolate brownies are incredible.

2. Over the weekend I filled out our calendar with dates I knew until next June. So, you know, I basically feel like I should be putting up a christmas tree right now.

3. Showing up to our daily life. So good!

4. I’ve graduated from cheddar + tomato toast to smoked cheddar + tomato toast and I look forward to it every single day.

5. TV things!! Did you watch the finale of White Lotus? I did and still am like… what is this show about. HA.

6. How walking changed my life. I love this! My dad has always been a huge walker and I think it’s the best thing for us.

7. I’m definitely a huge morning person but this summer has been a different story – I literally went in and had Jordan on Max’s last day of school, so all schedules pretty much went out the window! May be feeling a little rough next week…

8. May have bought pumpkin spice creamer. Can’t stand myself.