It was another fast week over here!

I reeeeeally wish time would slow down!

Waiting at preschool drop off!

The pumpkin cream cold brew is just the best drink ever.

So many pretty morning skies this week.

Her outfits kill me. Elsa dress, leopard socks, rainbow backpack, headphones.

Smirk smirk.

Brought out some old Halloween costumes this week!

Still verrrry into makeup.

What a great day this was.

Happiest boy!

My little hockey player.

Some early birthday treats for Eddie! His birthday is tomorrow!

Also have you tried these cookies?!

Fun cousin time too!

We made banana bread. Max has been begging to make it for a few weeks.

Her little teeth kill me. And his smile!

Promptly sat on the kitchen floor after hockey to eat this banana bread. Ha.


And the most cuddliest baby ever. Is cuddliest a word? It is now.