october favorites

Here’s a peek at everything I loved in October 2021! xo


Drizzlicious S’mores Bites. Um, these are incredible. If you love texture and crunch like I do, you will freak over them, They are so crunchy and delicious!

Stok Pumpkin Creamed Cold Brew. I mentioned this last month and I am still weirdly really loving it! I never expected to!


Greenpan Valencia Set. It’s no secret I live for my greenpans. I use them everyday in my instagram stories and you guys ask me daily what pans I use. I still adore my ones from Food52 that I’ve had for years. This set it absolutely top notch!!

Stanley Quencher Tumbler. I know this is so overhyped but it’s the best cup.  So huge and has a handle. Doesn’t keep my ice for 12 hours, but does keep it cold for 12 (at least). They restock every month or so. You can also try to get it at williams sonoma or urban outfitters every so often. Makes the best gift!

Wooden Advent Calendar. I got this months ago, but reeeeally wanted it last year and it was sold out. I am SO excited to bring this out for advent. It is SO beautiful. I can’t wait to start this traditional of lighting a candle in it every evening come advent!


Aerie Everyday Polo sweatshirt. As much as I love the 90s, I don’t love 90s fashion AT ALL. However, I do like some of the Princess Diana vibes with the polo sweatshirts. This aerie version is so cute, so soft, so comfortable. I have a peach version that is no longer in stock, but I really want the white. FYI it runs HUGE. It is really oversized – think like Free People sizing.

MZ Wallace Sling. Say hello to my new favorite mom bag… that isn’t a diaper bag. THIS IS AMAZING! Okay so here’s the deal – Lacy has had one since the spring and I loved it. But they can’t stay in stock. This one released last week – I’m already using it and it’s amazing. While I adore the mini crossbody I’ve talked about for years, this is such a great bag if you are pushing a stroller, walking with kids, etc. It stays so close to your body and it’s much higher up – my other fave crossbody bounces back and forth and isn’t as mom-friendly when I have all the kids with me. You have to get this!!

Birdies Faux Fur Slip Ons. These are like… half slipper, half slightly acceptable to wear out of the house? I adore them and they are ridiculously comfortable too. And soft. And warm!

Faux Fux Mules. On that same note, I mention these every year once the weather cools down. They are ugly but amazing. These ones are almost exact Gucci dupes and the best! Last year I broke a bottle of apple cider vinegar all over my pair, so I just ordered new ones. They get a ton of wear here!

Bauble Bar Halloween Earrings. I have LOVED these all month!! Especially the ghosts and the skeletons. And now I’m super excited that their holiday ones are out.


Sobel Skin RX Moisturizing Cream. This cream has been mentioned as a dupe for Bader’s The Rich Cream. I LOVE it. I really love Bader but this is incredible – I’ve only been using it for a little over a week, so we will see next month if it moves into the #1 spot. It’s so much more affordable than Bader.

Stacked Skincare Dermaplane. I started using a dermaplane at home during quarantine and after watching a bunch of estetcian youtube videos. This is my favorite one.


The Ex Hex. I loved this book! It was so cute and I’m all about a holiday themed story. I probably wouldn’t love this if it wasn’t Halloween month, but it’s super cute.

Murdaugh Murders Podcast. This has me hooked. It’s crazy because some if it is in real time.

YOU. I can’t get over how much I enjoyed this new season of YOU. Creepy and weird but still really good with some twists and turns!

My Little Pony, The New Generation. We LOVE this movie!! Both kids (and I!) absolutely adore it. We all love the soundtrack and blast it every time we’re in the car and while we’re in the kitchen. It’s the best.

Beck and Call Podcast. I am really enjoying Merritt’s new podcast. She is just so real and gets really personal in some of these. I listen to it every week!


Paint by Sticker Book. I’ve talked about these before and we just love them! We had a family wedding a few weeks ago and these keep Max entertained for a long time. He loves them. He sits and does 2 or 3 of them before getting bored.

Janod MagnetiBook. Emilia loves this. They give us so much entertainment! Heck I even love to do them with her!

Lego Christmas Wreath. Max is lego obsessed. He has been excited about this FOR WEEKS!!! We haven’t built it yet but are planning on starting next week!

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]