I can’t believe we’re going into Christmas week!

We had a crazy busy week. But a great one.

The advent spiral is still the highlight of our days!

I’m also highly enjoying the ALDI wine advent calendar! These are the perfect size to cook with.

I think this is the only food pic I took this week. Our fave!! Everyone in the family adores this.

Mornings before school…

How cute are these name crayons? I got these for treat bags for the kids birthdays. I also got fun halloween ones for the kids’ treat bags. I bouught them on etsy but now the shop is showing as no longer available. If you search on etsy for colorful name crayons, you can find similar ones.

She loves them!

I made these little charcuterie trays for the teachers at school. I wanted to send in something other than cookies for them to enjoy.

Now, the kids race to see who can blow out the candles.

Emilia and I baked SO many cookies this week! Actually, all of our cookies! She helped me make the dough. I do all the doughs one day, then bake another.

Anyone else’s kids obsessed with smelling the vanilla?

My fave.

I make these thumbprints every year because my mom loves them.

This is going to go down as one of my favorite photos of all time.


The kids had haircuts this week!

This love chunk had his 6 month appointment. HOW!? Can you believe it’s time for him to eat real food?!

I made a small batch of chex mix. Oops.

How do they belong to me? I feel so ridiculously lucky.

These two partners in crime opened all the kisses for the peanut butter blossoms.

Max loves this baby more than anything.

In the zone frosting sugar cookies! These are the best ones.


This is so fun.

I also like to do a few of these marble icing ones. I use this recipe. Then I use this wilton edible shimmer spray!

This is by far my most favorite new tradition! Don’t mind the powdered sugar all over our table from the cookies.

We plan on letting them burn long on Christmas day!

Annnd into the best week of the year! xo