tuesday things

1. I literally found myself googling “how to make time feel slower.” Whhhhyyyy is it going so fast.

2. Really want to make these double chocolate cut out cookies.

3. On that same note, I love this about slow holidays.

4. Pretty sure I mentioned this last year, but my holiday notes SAVE ME every year. I just have a google doc (but you could do a notebook) with notes of how things went this year, to remember next year. For instance, I note the gifts I give teachers, service, etc, when I wrap gifts, menus, cookies baked, anything decor wise I need to buy next year and all that. It’s so helpful.

5. TV Things!! Loved Yellowstone, the dinner table banter was amazing. I didn’t watch 1883 yet. I watched And Just Like That and ugh, that episode. Just no! to all of it.

6. Why 2021 was worse than last year. Ooomph. I so agree. While so much of it was good here (Jordan!), this year has definitely been harder than last.

7. We baked soooo many cookies this weekend! The kids had so much fun and I let them help and do so much on their own. Then they asked me when we could make more because “we didn’t make that many” and I instantly felt karma for saying the same to my mom.

8. Side note – I froze all cookies which I rarely ever do. And instantly regretted it the next morning when we really wanted to eat one!