Can’t believe the first weekend of 2022 is over!

We had the best week this week. We didn’t do much but just had such a nice holiday break at home. I am so sad it’s over. I have always felt sad at the end of christmas breaks, but man, this is on another level sad. I am not ready for Max to go back to school. I feel like that is the opposite of what most people say but I just want them all home with me.

The one thing I won’t miss was our weather. It was SO rainy, dark and gloomy nearly every day this week. It was terrible! Like the above picture was taken at 8am on monday morning. It looks like night time, it was so dark.

We were excited because we bought timed tickets online for the science center for monday morning. Once we got in, it was SO crowded, we instantly regretted it. I don’t know what we were thinking. Thankfully (?), we didn’t need to make the decision to leave because the fire alarm went off and everyone had to evacuate. It was nuts. So we ended up leaving.

We ran to the mall instead!

Went to nordstrom cafe as soon as they opened and got my favorite app! Haven’t had this in 2 years. I recreated it here.

Played a few rousing games of tic tac toe.

He loves it.

Saw the christmas decor in the city one last time.

We still haven’t got to ice skate… need to make it happen within the next few weeks!

Emilia is obsessed with her new jewelry!

These two!!!

She is also obsessed with her new “real makeup” as she calls it. She does her makeup everyday and is so proud!

My dad teaching max how to play chess on his new magnetic chess set.

And this one is still so edible.

Him and his delicious feet!

And delicious cheeks! I have never seen a baby love the bath as much as him.

Okay just one more.

Then it was new year’s eve!

I made this trashed up spinach artichoke dip which was amazing.

Grilled some ribs on the traeger!

Made espresso martinis.

Whyyyy is caesar salad so good?

NYE cookies for the kids.

But they couldn’t hang.

Not even Max, who has stayed up every year since he was 3!

Eddie made these banana pancakes on New Year’s morning.

And we went to see Sing 2 with friends. Oh my gosh it was SO good!

We can’t stop listening to the soundtrack.

Last week Jordan started to eat real food! Honestly he is not into it yet… ha! His face says it all.

This ornament on my mom’s tree from when I was Max’s age… eeeep.

Annnnd my favorite girl ever.

I can’t believe the holiday break is over. As usual, it FLEW! So bummed it’s over but looking forward to the new year. xoxoxo