december reads

Ahh! I’m a month late and finally sharing my reads for the last two months. These past two months have been quite possibly the busiest/fullest time I’ve ever had in my life and I just couldn’t get to my list. Better late than never… again. I’ve still been reading and almost always choose reading in my downtime over anything else, but never got to put up my mini reviews here.

Now, I did read mostly holiday books this past month and even in November. I unapologetically love them as they just heighten the spirit for me. And I’m really glad they are becoming more of a thing.

Also, I completely dropped the ball on my goodreads list this year. At some point midway throughout the year my kindle disconnected from my goodreads account (it has always automatically synced what I’m reading and finishing, which is incredible) and I never went in and fixed it. Not sure if I will go in and manually add all my books, but I may just start fresh now this year with 2022’s reads. You can follow here if you’d like!

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You can find my reading lists here and previous What I Read posts here. I’d love to hear below what you read this month!

What I read in November & December 2021

The Holiday Swap – 3.5 stars

Alll the christmas reads this month! This was a cute read. The story follows a chef who is a judge on a cooking show in LA and her twin sister who still lives back home in the mountains. The chef loses her sense of taste and smell (ha!! hits a little too close to home right now, right?!) and asks her twin to switch places. I liked the love interests even though the stories were predictable and it was cute. Kind of Hallmarkish but what else can we expect from a christmas book! If you love holiday stories, it may be a good one to add to your list for next year. I just compare every holiday book to the Winter Street series and have high expectations.

The Santa Suit – 4 stars

I really enjoy Mary Kay Andrews books so was super excited for this. I enjoyed it but I also love anything Christmas, so that helped. The story follows Ivy who is recently divorced and buys an old farmhouse. She finds a note in the closet with a santa suit and decides to follow up and see if what the note says ever happened and came true. This was so cute and I kept thinking of Gilmore Girls/Stars Hollow with the town. It is a bit predictable and reminded me of a Hallmark movie which I don’t usually go far. Slightly cheesy but still cute and a good holiday read.

A Season of Second Chances – 5 stars

I LOVED this book! It’s one of our January book picks too! The story follows Annie who decides to leave her husband after years of infidelity and ends up becoming guardian of a historic home. Kinda sounds similar to the above, right? Ha! I loved the characters in this, it was just the kind of feel good read I was looking for. The friendships are amazing and I love Annie’s sons too. It’s a good one.

How To Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days – 3.5 stars

This is SUCH a cute book. It’s super light and funny and enjoyable and good if you want to escape for a bit. The story follows Lu and her best friend who decide to try to find Keanu Reeves and get him to call off his wedding because Lu thinks she is perfect for him. I mean it sounds absolutely nuts to write out but it’s a cute adventure. I don’t know much about Keanu at all but you don’t need to be a super fan to follow. I loved the ending as it’s one of my favorite tropes of all time, I don’t want to spoil it much more. It’s a fast read if you need something fun to binge-read!

A Magical New York City Christmas – 3.5 stars

NYC at christmas has always been one of my favorite places. While reading this I got Home Alone vibes in 2021, even though they talk Eloise at the plaza which I never got into. The story follows Sabrina who stays at The Plaza for work – not as a guest. But she meets a guy at the bar and pretends to be a guest who can afford it. The guy is not what he seems either and it’s just filled with lots of NYC christmas feels. Super cute read, light and enjoyable. I loved the ending too.

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