We had a big week!

Starting with this little babe who turned 7 months. HOW?!

He and Max are obsessed with each other.

He’s such a little fluffball!

And these two and pretty darn sweet too.

This week we finally moved Jordan into his own room. UGH!! It killed me. Can’t he just sleep in the crib next to me forever? It was so hard and breaks my heart, especially as the last baby.

He still needs a quick little 4th cat nap in the evening so if I can, I let him snuggle me so he doesn’t sleep too much before bed. I want to hold him to sleep every minute of the day.

Emilia is obsessed with making french toast. Except she calls it “cinnamon french toast crunch.”

Then he turned 7 months!

I don’t know how it’s possible.

Avocado toast made it into the favorites.

Apologies. I think messy kid eating pictures are really gross (when it’s not your kid) but I had to document because he loved it so much.

This was our favorite of the week!! It’s buffalo chicken sausage and it’s AMAZING. It’s from Well Seasoned which is where Lacy’s husband works. They have these incredible custom boxes of seasoned meats at really good prices and we’re obsessed. This buffalo chicken sausage is wonderful, we love the sous vide steaks (they just need seared and are really high quality), the wings, pork tenderloin and cilantro lime chicken. It’s all really good.

He gave me a code for you to use – code HSE25 at checkout will get you 25% off any custom box!! Let me know if you try it!

Emilia and I made muffins Thursday morning for Max and Eddie to take to a hockey tournament over the weekend.

If you haven’t made the pumpkin muffins yet, YOU MUST!

My little drool baby.

He loves a bubble bath.

She still loves to dress up!

Made another batch of banana bread too. Also the best. I am biased.

Emilia pulls up a chair and sits and plays with Jordan in this jumper. It is so cute.

Max’s hockey bag is bigger than him!! Him being away at this tournament has gutted me this weekend. It’s been so hard. I have left him before but he has never left me! I wish we could have gone but it would have been so hard with Jordan. I miss him so much. I know it’s good for him and he and Eddie are having a blast but oh my gosh… MY HEART.

Made my white pizza again! Apparently this was a week of making many of my recent recipes.

Emilia and I made fresh juice for a playdate. I can’t live without this smeg juicer in the winter, and we aren’t even big juice people. It’s just so incredible.

We also made blueberry muffins since the boy took the pumpkin on their trip!

And then it started snowing! We’re currently sitting with 6ish inches or so… and it’s fun!