Hello new week!

We had a great one with this lovely little old man and his combover.

How this week started! I ordered a tall cold brew but they misread the sticker and gave me a TRENTA!!!

If I drank all of this I could fly, I’m sure.

Arts and crafts! Santa brought these clay dinos.

This baby makes our world go ’round.

Baby brother gets lots of toys on him.

This bare belly & crossed legs while nursing will never get old.

Max is so much fun right now. He is a little person!! I love him so much.

First recipe fail of the year. Any guesses?

Oh hi baby.

Okay lots of arts and crafts this week.

Baby in a basket! Max and Emilia think this is the funniest thing ever.

We’re breaking out all of our valentine’s day clothes. Just a sweater and socks she has had since she was two, ha!

Made these buffalo chicken sausages for dinner again.

Played at grandma’s house!

The amount of time I spend feeding this baby in the car is… a lot of time.

This cappuccino was goooood.

This breakfast sandwich was huge.

And this baby is edible!

Max loves carrying his hockey bag in himself. It’s bigger than him. At least they have wheels now!

Ohhhh my gosh. Adore him.

In front of the goal!

This one is really getting into eggs. Mine and Emilia’s favorite food!

She loves making her own (very doctored up) scrambled eggs.

Loved for sure.

And this one woke up with his FIRST TOOTH!!! How! Why! Babies breaking hearts!