We have a wonderful menu to finish out January!

Easy weeknight meals, salads, pasta and more.

What’s on your menu this week?!

What To Eat This Week

Kick things off with my new winter vegetable galette! You can even made the dough on sunday so that part is ready to go.

Try these sweet potato taco bowls for taco tuesday! They are totally customizable depending on what you have and love.

Next up: salmon with a curried peanut sauce and coconut rice. Deeelish.

And on that same note, make these easy weeknight peanut noodles with roasted broccoli. A major, major favorite here.

This amazing pecan crusted chicken salad with citrus vinaigrette is a dream.

Burrata baked ravioli for the weekend because COMFORT.

For lunches, make my shaved egg avocado toast. This is SO GOOD.

And for breakfasts, a batch of my peanut butter overnight oats!