Happy february!

My little valentines.

We had a bunch of pretty winter sunsets this week.

He’s like ummmm… what are you doing to me.

Max got a haircut!

Jordan played in a sensory laundry basket.

My mom and I had another show to see this week! It was Pretty Woman and it was SO GOOD. We loved it.

And the arancini and one of my fave salads ever before.

These two snuggabubs.

I cannot!

This baby gets so much love.

Early morning hellos.

Emilia is still very into her “real makeup.” This was at 7am.

Max had a snow day, but not a real snow day. A remote school snow day. So we did work and I got to give him his spelling and comprehension tests!

This big boy!!

He’s like why are you guys all obsessed with me?

I mean, they are identical.

Had to kick around the snow a little bit!

I will forever cherish laying in bed in the morning with these babies!!

I adore them.

I caught him sucking his thumb a few times this week!

Acai bowl love.

Nice little saturday.

We went to Barnes & Noble and Max got a few new books. He spent hours reading this weekend! I love it.

Today we made pizzas!

Everyone’s fave.

Roasted red pepper and pepperoni!

And per usual I made everyone get in their matching PJs!

Luckily for me, the kids love it because they are obsessed with matching Jordan. It’s so fun!