Big week over here!

This baby boy turned 8 months old.

Someone please tell me HOW this is happening!!

Meanwhile he’s over here trying to spy on the neighbors.

Just wait until your see all of our obnoxious valentine outfits this week!

Little things like them putting their shoes on in the morning for school… I love.

And this little lovechunk is a dream.

I love how much Max loves art. He grabbed Emilia’s paw patrol character, set it up on the counter and drew the face. This is how Eddie has drawn things for Max for years, and it was so cool to watch him from the corner of my eye just start doing it without saying anything! He drew this for Emilia. MY HEART!

This looks gross but it’s a reminder to make my greek marinated chicken which is seriously the best.

Lots of kinetic sand in this house.

Cold cucumber teethers before dinner are his favorite. He has like seven teeth coming in at once!

On a little lunch date with my BFF.

More of the best cauliflower app that I love.


Then he turned 8 months old. I am seriously in disbelief. Late at night I have so much anxiety over how fast it’s going!

Max and Emilia went to monster jam!

Oh hi. I stayed with this cutie.

Crawling is exhausting. Ha.

Cheered on the cutest hockey player!

Jordan’s favorite place to be.

Came home to valentines from our cousins!

Dedicated to the micro holiday spirit.

We went out for my MIL’s birthday. These kids were a hoot.

I mean…

They had us in stitches.

Taking their own selfies too.

She had the best week. I can’t even explain how funny and cute and talkative and hilarious she is. She make us laugh daily. Max is the serious one. She is the funny one.

Look at this valentines box! (that was supposed to be a bag but someone insisted was a box…)

This a horrific photo of my caramelized onion potato skins that I made for the super bowl.

Best baby boys! He is Max’s baby, FYI.