tuesday things

1. I am totally making these cookie dough overnight oats.

2. A few times when I’ve been sucked into the instagram explore page vortex, videos of dance rollerskating comes up and I just want to know if this is still a thing because my inner 90s child wants to do it.

3. The rot of candy crush and rest of wordle. This is so true!

4. Name a better movie snack than a combo of peanut butter stuffed pretzels and chocolate covered almonds.

5. TV things! So much. Okay, the episode of 1883 was insane. WOW!! I also watched The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window. I thought it was supposed to be a joke, like making fun of thrillers? Um I was wrong. That ending was so weird – both things that happened.

6. How to simplify your mental view with layers. Needed this.

7. It’s been sunny after 5PM the last few days and I am telling you it has breathed new life into me!

8. If you want to join in a fun month of Everyday Dinners cooking, Ashley Spivey is hosting an Everyday Dinners cookbook club on her instagram right now! There is also a giveaway.