tuesday things

1. Valentine’s day may be my most favorite little holiday ever! Hearts, pink, sparkle… my Lisa Frank loving heart can’t handle it.

2. Um speaking of Lisa Frank did you know these cookies exist? Tons of you have sent me photos of them. Must find.

3. Productivity hacks!! Always love a good productivity list.

4. I feel weirdly stuck between 2019 and 2021. Like can I buy some cute spring things and get my hopes up orrrr….

5. Three months to change your personality and be happy?! I read this entire thing. It’s good.

6. TV things!! SO many things. Euphoria! OMG. That Nate/Maddy scene had me in a panic. I also watched Pam and Tommy and while it’s crazy, I also think it’s pretty good. Annnd I just started Inventing Anna!

7. Thoughts on the superbowl commercials?! The Chevy Sopranos commercial really got me! And halftime? Of course this millennial loved it.

8. Feels like I’ve missed out on so much of the Olympics! I keep forgetting it is on.

9. The survival guide to overwhelm. Hello. Yes.

10. What would your dream birthday trip be?! Asking for a friend.