Hard to believe we’re already in March.

My little lucky charms!

The kids had Read Across America week at school and one day they got to take sunglasses. I had a major mom fail and forgot to send the sunglasses. I think it crushed me more than him?

This baby and the way he looks at me!!!

He’s my little cuddle bug.

Fresh air!

Is there anything better?

I tried the new toasted vanilla oatmilk latte thing at starbucks. Not a huge fan.

It was also hat day at school last week!

Emilia requested blueberry pancakes on Fat Tuesday. These were delish despite the horrible photo.

No one can get enough of this boy.

How cute is this little dinosaur adventure snack plate that our nanny made Emilia?! She lives for dinosaurs.

We ended up baking cookies because Max and Eddie had a hockey tournament trip this weekend.

Oh hi! I used this recipe.


These colors.

Happy signs of spring!

Shopping with grandma and all Emilia wanted were these dragon/dino puppets.

When I say she didn’t take them off her hands all day… we’re talking like six hours. She napped with them.

And Max and Eddie left for the hockey tournament in Maryland. It was so hard.

Emilia and I took donuts to grandmas saturday morning.

And it ended up being such a gorgeous day.

We soaked it up.

She is everything.

We had such a fun weekend together!!

Made some baby pancakes for Jordan and added blueberries. I’ve made these for all the kids. Blend together 1 egg, 1 banana, about 2/3-3/4 c oats, 1/4 cup milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon and a handful of blueberries.

This is what they look like!

And Max’s team won the hockey tournament!!!

We made crispy baked chicken for Max and Eddie once they got home. Emilia made it! I mostly do it like this recipe.

And everyone’s favorite broccoli. At this point we’d started eating it right off the pan.


They were both so excited.

Matching PJs for sunday of course!

Annnd we’re rolling into another week!