Please tell me how on earth this baby is nine months old!

He’s officially been out as long as he was in and it just doesn’t seem possible.

Time is going the fastest it has ever gone.

We were so so so excited that Sing 2 was available on Apple TV last week. When I say we have this entire soundtrack memorized… anyway, Max sat and drew Buster Moon while watching!

My best girl waiting in the school drop off line.

You know I don’t like to share messy eating photos but this baby!!!

And my happiest baby girl lovebug.

I just feel so incredibly blessed and lucky and can’t believe they and mine and this is my life. I literally tear up looking at these photos of them every week. I realize I sound like a lunatic!

Why yes, he does look like Jack Jack from the Incredibles…

Playing at grandma’s one day after school…

And post bath fun.

He is literally a little leprechaun.

This was the one week of the year Eddie tries to give us a heart attack by bringing home a Primanti’s fish sandwich.

Woke up to five inches of snow on Saturday.


And yesterday Jordan turn nine months!

We are all equally obsessed with him.

Snowy morning, so we made shamrock cookies.

This is the best recipe and the only one worth using!

PJ decorating.

I love that he loves bright colors.

Baby bro.

His eyes, cheeks, face, everything.

They make me the happiest.