We had a nice little St Patrick’s Day week.

My favorite little love bugs!

Started the week off a little chilly!

The start of roasted vegetable risotto for dinner.

Max was helping me open this box and got stuck in it. For real.

Baby bellies! Jordan had his nine (!!) month appointment.

This little love is so happy to be back outside! It’s her favorite place.

Max got rollerblades for Christmas! It was a smooth transition from the ice to the driveway.

These kids.

Let’s talk about things that didn’t happen in the 90s when I was a kid. Um, the leprechaun coming. Like what?

St Patrick’s Day fun for school!

He is such a little love chunk.


So I tried to make this fun St Patrick’s Day shamrock ravioli from costco. Um, it was not good. Ha! Didn’t look great either.

Wearing his sister’s old bib.

She is the best helper!

He cracks me up.

School was only a half day on Friday so Max and Eddie went to the march madness games!

He loved it.

When your brother and sister go in and get you up from your nap…

A crumbl cookie opened up right near us. I am not a huge frosting-on-cookies fan. But OMG that one in the middle was peanut butter oreo and I am DEAD. It was so good, I wish I could recreate.

Emilia still loves to do makeup with me. I let her do whatever she wants (without, like, hurting her eyeballs or something) and my, it does take some patience.

She was so proud. And very precise. And it came off very easily with coconut oil.

My mom and I saw Beautiful! We love this show. It’s kind of like Jersey Boys, where you almost feel like you’re at a concert because you know all of the songs. We’ve seen it before and I highly recommend. My mom always says “this is the soundtrack to my life!!!” Hahaha.

Annnnd we’re going into a new week. I think it’s time to retire the baby tub? Since Jordan will no long lay down in it!

Little teeth!

Much love to your sunday!