We’re on the summer countdown!

It’s almost memorial day weekend, the end of school, Jordan’s birthday – everything!

These little baby legs crossed while nursing! I can’t even handle it. Almost one whole year.

Finally got a few herbs this week!

She loves going to greenhouses.

Too sunny to smile!

Hanging out watching Max play baseball!

She asks for her picture to be taken everyday. It’s so cute.

He looks like he is 15.

This is the tale of Emilia’s blonde hair!

It has so many dimensions… I french braid it for baseball because that’s the only way her helmet will stay on.

And it looks like this when we take it out! It’s like highlights that someone would pay for.

Baby snoozes at the baseball field.

It was 90 degrees!

And she got the game ball! Let me tell you that she got it for “not playing in the dirt as much.” HAHAHAHA.

Popsicle season.

This boy!!

And this one. Chunky little babies in shorts. I can’t.

His eyes! His hair!

And his BFF, Max.

Jordan loves to give kisses, which means slamming his face into yours.

Ice cream for the win.

Chocolate raspberry truffle. A weird choice because I don’t even love raspberry!

Baseball got rained out today.

I did make the most delicious dinner though! My grilled vegetable orzo, which might be my most-made summer side dish. Also some chimichurri, grilled chicken, garlic bread and fruit.

No one loves a bath as much as this baby!

What an edible chunk of love.