25 weeks into the year is crazy!

We had a really lovely week and a great father’s day!

Trying out some birthday gifts in our birthday suit.

Summer hockey for Max.

Emilia got the game ball again at her last game of the season! She “didn’t play in the dirt as much” but I’d like you to look closer so you can see how she used her helmet to dig in the dirt and then put it on her head, which resulted in caked-on mud and sand in 95 degree heat.

One year checkup for my big little baby!!

This may be my favorite photo of her of all time.

Baby Coop!!

We took a little staycation to Nemacolin this weekend. It’s less than an hour away.

The kids were soooo excited. Max loves hotels (thanks to hockey tournaments). Emilia has never posed in her life an I am living for this knee pop!

Who are these tiny adults!!

Super pretty.

These painted wings are in one of the hallways and Emilia was OBSESSED with them. She asked for her photo to be taken with “the eagle wings” every time we walked by. I probably have 10 of these!

The sunset that night was insane.

Plus a snuggly baby.

In general she wants her photo taken constantly, then wants to watch the “live” version of it on my iphone. It’s so cute.

A wild game of tic tac toe at breakfast.

Then we went to the pool!

The lazy river was the kids’ favorite part.

I will match them FOREVER. If I can.

Big boy!

Lots of snacks, like this thai chili shrimp.

The pool was sooo warm that it was freezing when we got out! Even though it was in the 80s.

They LOVED it.

This boy is like my little BFF.

I cannot stand how much fun he is right now. Like a little human that can have conversations with me.

Ice cream for the win.

It’s her favorite thing.

More wings.

Emilia also loved these birds in the lobby/sun room.

Max loved that there was a harp!

It was super pretty and fancy and even though I’ve been there a few times in my life, I’ve never actually stayed.

One day we ordered these crazy banana pb pancakes.

And had a tiny baby head at the table! Third child… just eating straight off the table. Sorry Jordy!

Saturday morning it was actually COLD! 50 degrees and major wind. I kinda loved it.

We went cosmic bowling and this was the first time my kids had ever been bowling. Look at the shoes.

You can tell we’re not a bowling family?! Max won with 3 (legit) spares.

They both said this was their favorite part.

She calls these her “puppy dog eyes.”

Another first… the carousel for Emilia! Well, the first that she can remember.

Then time for mini golf! Seriously it was like the best weekend of their lives. There is so much to do for kids!

One last ice cream.

One last wings pic!

I can’t believe they are mine!!!

Then we came home to celebrate father’s day for Eddie!!

I made some grilled chicken, my gorgonzola potatoes and grilled asparagus.

Tasted amazing after eating out every meal the last few days.

And now a new week. xo