How on earth are we half way through the year?!

Here’s what we did this week!

Park fun!

Jordan wants to eat all the blankets.

Playing grandma’s piano.

Emilia loves it.

These two made cookie bars to take to a friend’s pool.

Think she’s having fun?

Cookie bars were a hit!

Backyard fun.

Lots of sand fun too.

Max and I went and picked up peaches from the peach truck!

So good.

He insisted on making a “fancy” fruit plate to go with our dinner. So cute.

And proud!

Emilia came with me to get my hair done.

And got a little trim too!

These poses are killing me. I do not know where she learned this!

Took all the kids to the mall!

This is Emilia trying to convince Max to give her hug. Ha.

Um she liked it.

Made many peach cobblers with those peaches.

My baby!

He’s the babiest baby to ever be here. He is just such a BABY. I love it.

Emilia and I made s’mores bars for another little party.

These are always such a hit too.

I love watching him play hockey.

Emilia built us a campfire while we were reading on the patio.

Peach corn salsa from The Pretty Dish!

I do not even know how I got so lucky.

Best bros. Look at the hands!

More swimming fun!

Always happy with a snack.

Love him.

And him!

Emilia with baby Cooper. Framer!

Cousin love.

This little chunk of love.

Makes every basket like a pro.

Now we’re waiting for fireworks! No idea what this pose is. Haha.