We had a very regular busy week and I barely took any pics!

Those are my favorite kind. The regular weeks. This is what we did!

Emilia always asks Eddie for an early morning walk.

Caladiums are my favorite.


My sparkly boy.

Emilia calls the steps the white water.

Look at Jordan’s curls!

Baby Coop with his nectarine!! I can’t even handle it.

Water table cousin fun.

We swam the next day too and this was Emilia’s response to “I don’t need a nap.”

She is my style icon.

Rainbow tattoos for the win.

I had to get a new tire. Fun!

AND my computer died too. What a week.

This hockey view.

Someone had the giggles.

I loved this red outfit that Max put together. Even if it made Eddie crazy because he mixed Nike, Adidas and UA.

Then he asked to pose, ha! I may frame this.

Happy Sunday from us!