Hello from my favorite place!

When the week ends here, it can’t be bad. Here’s how it started…

Max had golf camp.

Jordan ate a lime.

And helped with the laundry.

Emilia loved going to Max’s golf so she could play on this bridge.

I printed out my banana bread recipe and Max made it himself.

Then at the end of the week, we left for vacation!

Road trip! Also can I just tell you that Max tucking in his shirt is my favorite thing of life

Jordan was… not the most pleasant traveler! Oh well, it was bound to happen after 3 kids, right?

Then we made it to Michigan!

Met up with cousins!

Scoot scoot.

Got ice cream.

Threw rocks in the lake.

Had so much fun! Please note Emilia’s outfit.

This entire weekend has been so gorgeous.

Walking in the morning is our fave.

Went to our favorite farmer’s market too.

Sat on the beach and ate all the snacks.

Cutest boy.

Someone loves the water!

Happy happy.

Caught big fish!

Made s’mores. I have an almost identical pic from her last year!

The home of my favorite sunsets.

This chai tea latte… omg.

Baguettes for the win.


This water is just so gorgeous!

Max lives for a tortilla chip.

Pit stop for lunch.

With all the tacos.

These girls are having so much fun!

Swim party with Uncle Will.

Today was so nice.

We brought the cutest vacation cookies from my friend Micah.

They are so pretty.

Ending with the prettiest!

All the heart eyes here.