summer fridays

Here’s a summer fridays from my favorite place! xo


My favorite baked pesto bucatini. And buttery lobster rolls. Seriously, make them this weekend to feel super fancy at home.


My iced raspberry lattes! And the rosé aperol spritz because it’s just my favorite thing ever.


My guacamole salad which is just about the easiest thing ever. And this slow roasted tomato basil pasta.


Make this caramel pretzel skillet cookie! I made this last year after a cookie I had on vacation… and I’m going to get it this week.


These grilled peaches with lavender honey. OMG so good.


My summer tomato pie. This is divine.


We’re leaving for vacation today so… boat drinks!


I brought Flying Solo with me on the trip – going to start it today. Here is my summer reading list if you need some inspo!


This podcast on holding seasonal ceremonies. I love it.


This week MacKenzie Childs started their famous barn sale! When I went to visit their HQ, we learned how people would line up for hours for this sale. It is huge. Since the pandemic, they have moved it online which is even more incredible because you used to have to travel to New York to participate. Just a few gems that are included: the classic tea kettle, the pumpkins, the dessert stand, the canisters and the gratin dish.


Obsessed with this crew neck sweatshirt. It is sooo soft.


Some new videos this week on instagram! Hot honey grilled chicken, strawberry salad and chicken ranch meatballs.


We’re going to my favorite place ever!