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Happy Saturday!

This week on the blue I shared these peaches and cream baked oatmeal cups. I also shared these delicious zucchini corn fritters along with a creamy chilled queso that is out of this world. Plus, a new summer fridays!

Of course, there’s a new weekly menu up on the blog and a peek at a week in our life.

You can order your copy of Everyday Dinners now! It is on still on MAJOR sale at the moment. Once you have your book, be sure to join the Everyday Dinners Cookbook Club too. There’s a new challenge going on for the summer! It’s been going strong since The Pretty Dish came out in 2018 and it’s super fun! I am LOVING seeing all of your creations on instagram and in our cookbook club. Join now so you can enjoy the challenges and giveaways!


What I’m Loving This Week

Chocolate chickpeas! WHAT!!

This blackberry cheesecake is so pretty.

Dying over this dunkaroo dip.

Chicken bruschetta sounds so good.

Look at these crinkle cut fries!

Mango mojitos for the win.

Love these brown butter muffins.

Elotes creamed corn is unreal.

I love fresh spring rolls.

Cherries jubilee! Craving that.

Very intrigued by this pineapple radish salsa.

Summer shrimp tacos look delicious.

Really want to try a corona sunrise.

I love Tracy’s TJ’s pantry staples.

Easy strawberry sheet cake. Need!