Another week in our favorite place!

We had amazing weather for our vacation last week in Boyne City! We had two cloudy-with-some-rain days but it was actually perfect – they broke up the super long beach days.

Brother love.

Jordan thought this was the funniest thing on earth.

Best girl!

Yacht club Jordan in this outfit, right?

Just matching the exterior for lunch.

Searching for petoskey stones.

Demanding he be chased everywhere!

This is the life.

So is this.

And this!

Rain out over the lake.

S’mores ready.

Rainy days make the best sunsets.

No filter!!!

And the next morning is even better.

I took the same photo last year.

Breakfast of champions.

Emilia still calls whipped cream “shaving cream” in case you were wondering.

Caught one!

And Emilia too.

Max spent all day in the sand “building Cairo.”

Cousin love.

I gave this baby a waffle fry.

Kilwin’s cake batter. Chocolate PB is still my fave.

I cannot with these teeth and the gap.

Matching for life!

One more cloudy day.

Still so gorgeous though.

And windy!

How are these babies mine!

One of my favorite sights.

Loves a swing.

Also just needed to take a break for a minute, haha.

Early morning strolls are the best.

Smiling but very sad it’s our last day!

Cutest cousin babies.

More building for hours.

And the perfect day! Look at that sparkle water.

This trampoline is a blast.

And that’s a wrap on the trip!

Back home with all the snuggles.