We had another regular old week of summer over here!

We’re going into our last official week of the summer now and I have all the emotions.

I made my panzanella a few times.

This car wash was the most relaxing part of my week. Ha!

Jordan discovered these headphones of Max’s and he loves them. If he sees them, he wants them on his head. He will walk around with them on for 15 or 20 minutes. It is hilarious.

Crumbl tasting. I’m still not a huge fan.

Pirate game!

Learning how to open all the things while I cook dinner.

I love this action shot of Max!

This is what I woke up to on Friday. I have never had a flat tire in my life… in the last three months I’ve had FOUR. WHY HOW WHAT.

These last few days of summer watching them play together and have so much fun… warms my heart. I know it will change once school starts because they won’t have as much time. It’s just so sweet though.

Marinating all the tomatoes.

Eddie captured this crazy picture of a hawk on his run.


They call this their “please face.” When they are begging for something.

More roasted garlic this week.

I made crispy crunchy zucchini today!

Then Jordan found his headphones again/

He’s such a little love chunk!