summer fridays

Hello summer friday! xo


More zucchini lasagna bolognese! Also my bruschetta quinoa zucchini boats. And fig burrata caprese! It’s finally fig season.


A watermelon rosé margarita, an aperol spritz and because our area has already started apple picking… an apple cider prosecco spritz too!


My ricotta jam jar appetizer now that tomatoes are top notch. This is outstanding!!


My stuffed fig focaccia. And peach pistachio puff pastry tart. And maybe thinking about my pumpkin dream cake


My blackened chicken watermelon salad. And this summer garden quinoa with flank steak!


This roasted cauliflower with hummus and olives. It’s so briney and creamy and toasty.


Right now I’m working on a 90s country playlist. I grew up hating all country music (except Shania) and it wasn’t until maybe ten years or so ago that I listened to many of these!


Want a thrilled this weekend, so starting The Last Housewife tonight! My full summer reading list is right here.


I recently got these glasses after seeing them on IG, for coffee, cocktails, etc. They are SO cute. I absolutely love them. They are very lightweight too. Also, if you like to decorate with the mini bats for spooky season, these glitter ones are my favorite!


This zella top is my new favorite cooler weather top. The colors! The length! The back in action top will always be my #1, but the zella is a little more structured.


Sharon Says So is opening her book club up next week and it’s been one of my favorite things to do this summer! I highly suggest following along next week to join.


I absolutely LOVED the armchair expert episode with R.L. Stine. I lived for fear street and goosebumps books as a tween! It was so interesting to listen to. At one time, he was writing TWO books per month. Like what?!


Next week is our official last week of summer break and we have lots of fun things planned. Feels like the sun is setting on summer! I definitely want to do some sort of end of summer ritual though. Any thoughts?