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What I Read In July 2022.

what i read in july 2022

It was a lovely little reading month! I LOVED two books and really really really liked the other two – overall great. I still have so many left on my TBR list this summer! This time of year is so exciting in books and I looked forward to reading every night.

You can find some mini reviews and thoughts on the books below. And in case you missed it, I shared my summer reading list here.

I’d love to hear below what you read this month!

You can find my reading lists here and previous What I Read posts here.

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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow – 5 stars

Oh my gosh, I loved this so so so much. I had heard it was good but I was blown away with how much I loved it and could not stop reading. And it’s about video games! The story follows two people who went to college together and end up creating a hugely popular video game. So heart warming and heart breaking and everything. I cannot recommend this one enough.

The Bodyguard – 4 stars

This was a fun read and I always love this author’s books. The story follows a girl who is assigned to be the bodyguard for a famous (hot!) actor – someone like Ryan Reynolds, etc. It’s a little predictable but also a fun and cute read. Moves fast and you want to see what happens next, always rooting for the love story.

The Anthropocene Reviewed – 5 stars

I read this on a whim and absolutely loved it. I don’t think it can be classified as a memoir, but it’s basically John Green reviewing ALL sorts of things, like scratch and sniff stickers, different foods, teddy bears, video games, etc. It’s amazing. His storytelling is incredible and this is so interesting and hilarious at times.

Flying Solo – 4 stars

Really enjoyed this one too! Her previous books is one of my favorites so I was excited to read this. The story follows a girl who is cleaning out her aunt’s estate and finds some treasures with a few mysteries attached. It’s very cute and a light easy read. I liked it so much.

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    4 Comments on “What I Read In July 2022.”

  1. lnteresting readings, in this period I’m reading a lot of cookbooks, thriller and romance!

  2. I just read Every Summer After on your recommendation and oh my gosh I loved it so much! Read the first chapter at night and finished the entire book the next day. Incredible!!!

  3. couldn’t agree more Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow was incredible!!!

  4. I just finished Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow based on your recommendation. It was so good! I just loved the characters.