tuesday things

1. I could not be more obsessed with the whole barbiecore trend. I will wear everything barbie pink for the rest of my life, thank you very much.

2. Last week I went through a phase of burning everything. I burned something in my cast iron, then put it on a pot holder, which burnt through the pot holder. Then I burned toast. Then I burned rice in a pot for the first time ever!

3. Thoughts on the new Taylor Swift album? I really like it, which surprises me because I always prefer something more upbeat and pop-ish (didn’t love her last album, but still listen to lover and 1989 on repeat). Emilia LOVES the music so we listen quite a bit!

4. How do you define success?!

5. My mom has basically made friends with spider. It’s a rather large spider on the outside of her kitchen window (thank god?!) and it’s been there for WEEKS. I.am.freaked.out.

6. While we’re on the topic of things freaking me out… I might have mentioned this before, but for some reason kids loosing teeth grosses me out. By kids, I mean Max, and by loosing teeth, I mean that I get squeamish when he has a wiggly tooth. It’s almost like I have a phobia!

7. TV things!! I started From Scratch and had to stop at episode six. I probably should have stopped earlier. Way too sad, triggering and emotional for me right now. I am a baby and cannot watch anything like that at this season in my life. The acting and storyline was great though.

8. 7 holiday prep tasks to do right now! Makes life so much easier.

9. My gift guides are coming next week!! I usually post one per day for six days or so. Do you like that method or would you rather me post them alllll at once, on one day?

10. Also, this is the time of year when I get all of my kitchen tree ornaments! Every year you guys ask about my italian cookie ornaments and they are in stock here. This is the first tree I put up every year.