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2022 Gift Guide For Her.

My 2022 women’s gift guide is here! All my favorite things in one place that I love so much.

2022 women's gift guide


This gift guide is filled with TONS of my favorite things. The bags, shoes, pajamas and year-after-year items I use. You’ve seen and heard of a lot of them throughout 2021 as I’ve shared them in my favorites, but these are the best of the best of what I am loving!

Of course these gifts can be for anyone! These are my personal picks out of everything I have loved over the years.


Mason Grey Robe. This robe is life changing. It’s light weight, but still warm and SO soft. I got one right before Jordan was born for the hospital. It’s wonderful and stiff my favorite.

Fluffy Hotel Robe. If you prefer a fluffy hotel-like robe, I’m in love with this one. The tie dye on the edges is so cute without being obnoxious too. The kids have matching ones!

Silk Pillowcase. This is something I use every single day. I think it’s a great gift! I even travel with mine if I go somewhere.

Silicone Bangle Keyring. Can’t live without this. Would lose my keys constantly!

The Simple Modern Tumbler. I have loved the Stanely tumbler for a year, but this one has won out. It’s almost leak proof, so much sleeker, lighter and more economical. I adore it. 

Barefoot Dreams Throw. This wins for the best gift you can give anyone. I’ve gifted this probably ten times over the last decade. Everyone loves it. These are the softest blankets on earth.

Better Homes & Garden Cozy Knit Throw. This is the closest I’ve found to barefoot dreams for a fraction of the price. It doesn’t feel exactly like it, but it’s so, so cloze and super cozy!

Moonlit Pajamas. This is something else I share every single year. BEST PAJAMAS EVER! So stretchy and soft and comfortable. I live in these. I love every version: the nightgowns, the button down PJs, the v-neck top ones.

Ugg Mini Boot. I will always profess my love for Uggs despite how ugly they can look. They are SO good for cold weather here. I get a new black pair every few years after I wear the heck out of mine. I got the black short ones last year and love them.

Lululemon Align Pants. You cannot go wrong with these. They have been uniform for years. Nothing compares.

MZ Wallace Metro Tote. I have used this tote for years – since Max was born. Going on seven years and it’s the best travel/throw-stuff-in tote.

Travel Jewelry Case. Got one of these last year and LOVE mine. So compact.

Stone Stud Earrings. These are the earrings I wear daily. A little sparkle but still understated!

Windproof Umbrella. This is on my wishlist this year. I never have an umbrella.

2023 Calendar. This is my wall calendar every year! It’s so beautiful.

Butter Socks. My grandma got me socks every year and I love the tradition.

Scout Tote Bag. Everyone, seriously everyone, needs a scout bag. They fold flat and take up no space. They have a zipper and hold SO much. You can transport anything in them. They are waterproof! Absolutely perfect. I love these for teacher gifts with a gift card. 

Mildliner Markers. These are my favorite to use in my planner.

Mini Portable Fridge. Use it as a beauty fridge (my fave) or even for mini cans of the drink you love. I love these so much!

Sling Bag. I’ve been team-sling for two years now. The best way to be hands free.

Checkered Beanie. I’ve already bought this for two gifts. I think it’s so cute!

On Cloudnova Sneakers. The sneakers I wear and love. So comfortable and supportive.

Tortoise Candle. Candles are tricky to buy unless you know the scents the person loves. This one is SO beautiful. 

Hatch Restore. I bought our hatch when I had Jordan. We can’t sleep without this. I also use this as my reading light! 

Roxanne Assoulin Bracelets. Most favorite bracelets ever! Lacy got me into these and they are so gorgeous. I love a stretchy, comfortable bracelet. And you can mix and match so many. Perfect for a color lover.

Canon Mini Photo Printer. Not only do I love this, the kids love it! I print out lots of pictures from my phone, which print on a sticker. You can add the pics to your planner, calendar, cards, etc. I stick pictures of Jordan in the kids’ backpack!

Initial Pendant Necklace. I love an initial necklace. 

Bodum Tea For One. I LOVE this idea for quick loose leaf tea.

Portable Cup Warmer. The best priced mug warmer. Always a winner!

Brightland Artist Capsule. Everyone can use olive oil… and this is my favorite.

Metallic Slippers. I love getting a new pair of slippers each Christmas because by then, mine from the previous year are usually worn out.

Olukai Slipper Slides. These are my all-day at home “shoe” slippers. They are extremely supportive and great if you’re on your feet a lot.

Cashmere Scarf Wrap. A timeless classic that you can’t beat.

Modern Farmhouse Coloring Book. Coloring saves my sanity sometimes. I love this farmhouse coloring book. 

Cashmere Fingerless Gloves. The only gloves worth wearing for me (unless I’m legit outside and shoveling) are fingerless. They’re so easy.

Monogram Trinket Dish. This is one of my go-to gifts. Everyone can use it!

Free People Slouchy Tunic. My favorite sweater is still an all-time best gift. It’s timeless, so comfortable and can be dressed up or down.

Laptop Lap Desk. My parents got me this last year and I LOVE IT.

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me or gifted by friends/family! There are a few general affiliate links above. Thank you for reading! xo]

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  2. Jessica,

    I always look forward to your gift lists. I know a lot of bloggers do them for the holidays but yours are always the best, hands-down. I just finished going through the list for “her.” There’s so many things that I want to get from the list.

    Then it  gets dangerous, since I want so many things for myself.


  3. Did I miss your men’s holiday gift guide?