We had the best week ever!

And Jordan’s very on the move and uninterested in standing for photos, haha.

But will plop down in anyone’s lap to read all the books, even upside down.

Really, the only nonthanksgiving dinner I made last week. House salad with grilled chicken!

Emilia wanted to do makeup with me early one morning.

How to prep Thanksgiving with a little babe!! Give them all the kitchen utensils.

Best prep: freeze chocolate chip cookie dough.

Wednesday night we had so much fun: Max got to play during the Pens game intermission!

She was pumped.

They both loved the VIP passes!

This baby was a DREAM! He sat on my and my dad’s lap the entire time – was so happy and content. Maybe because he had so much to look at?!

Equally a dream. Loved to scream and shout “let’s go pens!”

I can’t even express how cute and fun this was to watch!


Then we woke up and it was Thanksgiving!!

The creamiest mashed potatoes.

I cheated and ordered this cake from Mediterra. We had SO much dessert. I also made pumpkin dream cake and chocolate pecan pie bars, plus my MIL brought pumpkin pie and cousins brought pies too. I love a huge dessert spread on Thanksgiving.

Kinda threw this table together last minute on Wednesday before we left.

A blending of the seasons.

The OG sweet potato casserole.

Jordan’s first Thanksgiving meal! He wasn’t eating solids yet last year. His fave? The green bean casserole!

That plate though!

Holidays = whipped cream in my coffee. Actually, all December. Also, Baileys.

And then, on thanksgiving night…

Max finally lost a front tooth!!! He’s officially a big kid.

My mom was so cold doing dishes with me that she wore her slippers and winter coat.

Thanksgiving babies!!!

P.S. how amazing is this pie cookie from Micah Made Cookies?!

My grandpa (he’s 94) with all the great grandkids! Jordan wasn’t into it. How cute!!

Max told me he “made me something.” It was a heart out of dominos!

And it’s officially matching christmas PJ season!

This is the theme of our life now. :)

Big kid buddies.

We are so excited for the season!