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November and December Favorites.

december favorites

A peek at everything I loved in November & December 2022!


Winter Slaw. This may be my favorite recipe of 2022. It’s so crisp and refreshing, used as a salad or slaw. I love it.

Trader Joe’s French Onion Focaccia. Best find of the fall! This came out in September and oh my word, it’s delicious. I bought multiples for the freezer. Pop it in the oven for 15 minutes and it’s divine.

Favorite Day Cut Out Sugar Cookies. These sold out so fast, but keep in mind for next year! These are so amazing to keep in the fridge, so simple and easy, especially if you want to decorate with kids.


Glass pot for simmering spices. I bought this for my simmering spices this year and it’s so pretty. I use it directly on the burner over low heat. Gorgeous!

Advent candle spiral. This is one of our favorite December rituals now. We light a candle each night and talk about the day.

Take home cookie boxes. I bought these for the kids’ cookie decorating party and have ended up loving them for gifting cookies and charcuterie. A pre cut piece of parchment fits in there perfectly.

Our hot cocoa bar! This is our second year setting up a hot cocoa bar and we LOVE it. I use these mugs from pottery barn (years old!) and hit the target holiday dollar spot for all their stirring sticks.


Iconic Underglow Blurring Primer. I’ve mentioned it multiple times but I just bought my THIRD bottle!! Not sure I’ve ever gone through anything so consistently and fast. I use it alone or mixed with tinted moisturizer.

Kora Tumeric Scrub. Here’s a new fave for you! It’s INVIGORATING. Smells wonderful and so minty and fresh. Love it in the shower.

Moisture Glow Lip Serum. Another thing I’ve mentioned before but it’s fab. Easy to put on, the perfect wash of light color, moisturizing and so prety.


Bauble Bar Ho Ho Ho Earrings. I have turned into my mother. She used to wear holiday sweatshirts made with puffy paint to my school parties. Now I’m doing it with earrings for my own kids.

Calia Puffer Vest. I’ve been on the fence about the long vest. But I LOVE it. It’s actually perfect for Max’s hockey games because it covers the seat, which makes it even colder.

Ultra Mini Uggs. I will never get over how much I love them. I know I keep talking about them. They are just so easy for errands!

Spanx Air Essentials Pullover. The entire air essentials line is amazing – it’s super soft and silky, but thick at the same time. It all lays so nicely. I love every piece!


The Christmas Wish. One of my favorite holiday books this season. It was so cute and dreamy!

The Light We Carry. I listened to this on audible (highly recommend listening!!) and it’s so good. Loved it.

Yellowstone. How could I not?

Mom Hour Podcast. This is a new-to-me podcast and I’ve really enjoyed so many episodes.


Paint By Sticker Books. Max loved these for a few years and now Emilia is so into them. They hold her attention for awhile and are also great on the go.

Pixio Flag Magnet Building Blocks. We got Max these for his birthday – they are like little magnetic legos and this is the flag kit. They are so fun!

Fat Brain SpinnyPins. This remains one of Jordan’s favorite toys, six months later. Emilia also loves them!

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]

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    6 Comments on “November and December Favorites.”

  1. Which candles do you use for your advent spiral? We purchased one as well after your recommendation and it’s beautiful! I’ve just had some trouble finding candles that fit perfectly. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi!
    Avid reader here! Question about your recommendation of the Iconic Underglow Primer. I use the Bare Minerals Complexion rescue. Would this go underneath? What are you thoughts because I know you also use the complexion rescue!  Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!   -Eva

    • yesss so i’ve been mixing them!! it is AMAZING!! i still wear complexion rescue as my everyday/lighter makeup. i mix a few drops of the primer in with it and its so pretty!

  3. love the long puffer vest! do you think it’s true to size or should i size down? it looks pretty big. i want to order before it sells out! 

  4. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate these posts – you have great suggestions and the fact that they are unsponsored makes me like them even more – thank you for sharing!