1. Feels like we’ve made so many cookies but they are rapidly disappearing! Oops.

2. Peppermint bark shortbread! Need this.

3. We got the bonne maman advent calendar again this year and it is SUCH a joy. The jam is just so delicious and makes breakfast so fun.

4. How to find joy in chores.

5. TV things! I thought Yellowstone was so good this week. Gosh I just love Kevin Costner. I also watched the whole Harry & Meghan doc and I ended up loving that too!

6. I mentioned this before but gosh I love the barbie pink trend and now it’s so bad that if I’m online shopping, I just type “neon pink” into the search bar…

7. 10 simple truths to remember this Christmas.

8. The most popular snacks in my delivery driver bin: beef jerky, chomps beef sticks and gatorade. Who would have thought?!