Here’s how we rang in the third month of the year!

Which is just crazy.

The kids made lots of little bird feeders that we stuck around the trees near our windows. They LOVE watching the birds.

The supervisor.

Cuddles and snuggles with my biggest boy.

Emilia’s exact words were “Stay still Jordy, this is going to take a long time.” And he stayed completely still while she combed his hair.

Lots of art this week!

I love how much she loves COLOR.

Shopping with snacks.

And waiting in the school pickup line.

The very boring but delicious house salad. You have to make it!!!

We went to see Disney on Ice with Cooper!!

Emilia LOVED it. She was mesmerized for much of it. Max and Eddie were originally supposed to be out of town for a hockey tournament this weekend, but they ended up only having a local game.

Jordan was mesmerized by bubbles.

Her too!

She had so much fun that she didn’t know what she wanted to watch first when we got home.

They picked beauty and the beast!

Is there anything better than playing with a box?

Today Max had his last hockey game of the season that we could go to!

He adores her.

Action shot and such a great week!