Here’s St Patrick’s Day week with the loves of my life!

How did we get so lucky that these little humans are ours? I adore them!

The week started off super rainy.

Jordan took a fall on the concrete and got a busted lip.

Waiting for the big kids to finish skating lessons!

When we got home it snowed and the kids couldn’t help but run out there.

Showing off her flare leggings. Ha!

We’re very into bird watching over here so max drew some. He also made my mom a “study guide” so she can learn geography better.

We saw Six this week!!

Had this tiramisu martini first which was excellent. Sort of like an espresso martini.

OH MY GOSH this show was incredible. I could have sat through an entire show again after watching it. I loved it so much. The cast was phenomenal.

Checking out the fresh ice.

The kids spent at least an hour making a trap for the leprechaun.

Here’s my leprechaun.

I mean…

This is why I’m obsessed with little sleepies PJs!! Max and Emilia’s still fit from last year. I only had to buy Jordan a pair. And I probably could have squeezed him into his from last year too! They are the best.

The leprechaun dyed the milk green.

Chalk in the rain.

I love her vibrance!

The kids build “a town” every time we go to my mom’s… with all my brothers’ old toys.


Max had an end-of-year hockey party.

And we had a very low key weekend!

Jordan and his 1998 hair wish you a good week!