We had a nice week to close out April!

I know it’s so cliche but… HOW is it May already?

Library buddies.

Dinner prep!

Legos for life.

He was teaching her how “to play football” after school.

Braids braids braids.

This sweet baby boy!

This old baby boy! Like how?

He looks so much like Eddie here.

LOOK at the curls! Also, this entire post is going to be about hair.

I mean, they are blowing in the wind.

More hair talk: Emilia finally got a much needed haircut!

She was so excited and we spent the entire morning together because I got my hair cut too.

Five inches gone! So clean and fresh. Remember when she didn’t have any hair until she was almost three?!

The boys had a boys day at home.

I will be stunned if Emilia doesn’t end up working with animals when she is older.

The best part of this age gap? Max reads him so many books.

His favorite thing to do: go “ahhhside.”

These two made our amazing nanny a birthday cake for tomorrow – all by themselves! (Look at how much Emilia adores him.)

Rainbow chip for the win! We can’t wait for this tomorrow!