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April Favorites.

april favorites

A peek at everything I loved in April 2023! 


Honeycup mustard. Please tell me you’ve had this mustard. My family has been eating this mustard for over 20 years, maybe longer. It’s the best honey mustard I’ve ever had. It’s a staple in our family!

Good culture cottage cheese. A repeat favorite but it’s just SO GOOD. This is Jordan’s favorite food. It has made me fall in love with cottage cheese which I never thought would happen, ever. I love it savory, sweet, on toast, everything. It’s the best.

Polar watermelon seaside punch seltzer. New summer water is at target so of course I had to buy every flavor. This is the winner in my book! Now do I do an obnoxious stock up for the season?


Chill & serve containers. I have used these every spring and summer for three years. They are AMAZING. My friend was using them three summers ago and I knew I needed to get them – best thing ever. I use these for guac, dips, fruit, salads, things for potlucks, parties, outdoor entertaining, pool snacks, etc. The options are endless.

All Clad grill pan. This is my favorite grill pan and well worth it. I use this almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. I usually go through a grill pan per season and this one is such high quality.

Mrs Meyers Mint hand soap. My spring scent of soap, always!

Grape cutter. How have I lived so long without this? I’ve been cutting grapes for eight years. No, its not hard, but now that I have so many grape eaters, it takes awhile. This is so fast and life changing. You need one.

Essential summer break calendar. My new favorite thing! When I was trying to figure out our summer schedule with camps and activities, I printed out calendars and taped them together and tried to write on them. Then I discovered these via the lazy genius and my life was made. This is SO good. I have the summer break version and it’s perfect for seeing a big picture overlook.


Birthday suit nail polish. This is the best neutral color ever. So flattering.

Olive and June jam please polish. My favorite color for spring and summer – it’s like vibrant orchid!

OUAI St Barts moisturizing cream. Got this at the sephora sale and I’m in LOVE. The smell is heavenly. And the texture is so incredibly soft.

Kosas Dream Beam SPF40 sunscreen. Also got this one at the sale and I’ve been using it as my daily sunscreen.


Luluemon large classic belt bag. Okay yes, I’m a belt bag fanatic. Last month I told you about the nylon stoney clover one that I love. And how I need a BIG one to fit my kid stuff in. I’ve never liked the smaller popular lulu one for that reason – it doesn’t fit enough for me. Well, now they have this one and it’s everything. It’s perfect and fits SO much. It’s super light, easy to clean, fits so much. I got it in black but it appears to be sold out. It’s a great item!

Spanx perfect blazer. Okay this is the best blazer I have ever bought – EVER. I bought this last month when I needed something black for my grandfather’s funeral. I love the spanx air essentials line and thought I’d try this. It is incredible. The perfect weight, amazing material, lays so nicely – and I have blazers that are more expensive. This is by far the best!

Halogen side slit cardigan. I’ve mentioned this cardigan a million times over the years, but I’m reminded just how good it is every spring. It’s so lightweight, but warm enough in case it gets chilly. I love the length, all the colors and it goes with so much!


Happy Place. Oh man, such a great one!! My fave of the month for sure. More to come in my April book post.


Busy cube. I put this in Jordan’s Easter basket and he loves it – and what I love is that we can take it everywhere! It’s great.

Snifty scented pens. These went in the older kids’ baskets and they are so fun. Cookies, pizza,

Pals socks. Emilia is crazy over socks. She LOVES them. She loves fun socks, thick fuzzy ones – everything. So theses have been a huge hit for her. Also an easter basket item!

Puppy place series. Max loves this series and it’s SO cute. There are a ton of books too!

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]

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    3 Comments on “April Favorites.”

  1. I’ve been looking for the perfect lightweight long cardigan! Just ordered the halogen side slit, thank you!!

  2. I got the Kosas sunscreen after you mentioned that it was on your wish list for the Sephora sale and am obsessed.  It is the first physical sunscreen that I have been able to stand on my face.  You definitely feel it a bit more than chemical sunscreens when applying, but it doesn’t feel heavy after you’ve put it on.  I’ve been trying to switch to physical sunscreen for a while but haven’t been able to find one that I can stand the feeling of and am so happy that I found this one! Thank you so much for the recommendation!

    • i could not agree more!!! i love it too!